Image by Volodymyr Hryshchenko

When you feel like the world has gone crazy, or perhaps you feel a little lost,
let me just remind you that I love you!
You don't know who I am, you say? Sure you do...just close your eyes, and you'll find me.
Remember that life is too short for sorrows.
You may be dead and gone by the end of the day.
You might as well go get what you want, but take your 

Start by playing some music.
Now you might as well dance, even if you think you can't!
Once you shake off the bad vibe, make sure to remember the basics: being honest, and the fact that the good things in life are free.

Since you never know what might come your way, go ahead,
set some goals,
work hard,
play hard,
take a trip,
believe in something,
focus on the right stuff,
find your place,
pursue your dreams,
remember your freedom,
do the walk of life,
and don't worry about any consequences.
If you get stuck, just hang in there, and remember... rock and roll is king!

Say it with me: GOOD ENOUGH. Now go play!

Made in heaven
with much